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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who's Money is IT???

So a group of fruitcakes have staged a protest in front of Speaker John Boehner's house (residence) in Warshington DC. They are mad cause the tanned speaker man is wanting to cut $80 million dollars in payments and prohibit the city (Warshington DC) from using the money to fund NEEDLE EXCHANGE PROGRAMS AND ABORTIONS!

“Speaker Boehner is coming to our home telling us how to spend our money,” Ilir Zherka, the group’s executive director, told his followers. “We decided to come to his house to tell him to leave D.C. alone.”

Wait a damned minute, Mr. Zherka......since when did it become YOUR money? It's FEDERAL money. It's MY money and the money of the rest of us who work and pay taxes. I'd be interested to see how many of Mr. Zherka's group of fruitcakes actually work and pay taxes and how many of them just sit on their asses complaining while they suckle off of some gubment program. Somehow I don't think the results would surprise me a bit.
NEEDLE EXCHANGE PROGRAMS AND ABORTIONS.......they are spending our hard earned tax dollars on this crap? You go orange man! Defund Warshington!

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