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Sunday, March 6, 2011

$424 Million Down the Drain....for a HOAX!

Well I guess you have probably heard that NASA lost a satellite  due to a failed launch. The Glory satellite plunged into the Pacific ocean just a few minutes after departing  from Vandenberg AFB in California.

The mission? A satellite to monitor GLOBAL WARMING! Remember global warming, the gigantic HOAX created by Algore and many other fruitcakes on the left attempting to control more of your lives, tax all of your energy, set your thermostats, dictate what kind of light bulbs you must use,  make you drive stupid electric cars, and take away more and more of your freedom and liberty? Yeah, that HOAX!

$424 million dollars of YOUR TAX MONEY just went into the drink, all in the name of a HOAX. There was a similar loss of a global warming satellite in 2009. Sweet Wifey was saying that perhaps this was some kind of divine intervention?????

What a shame. The once great agency that first put our astronauts into space and put men on the moon has been relegated to supporting a HOAX and appeasing Muslims.

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