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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby, Let's Move to Fortuna!

There is a town up in the northwest corner of North Dakota called Fortuna. It appears to be a wide place in the road near the Canadian border. For almost as long as we have been together I have jokingly told sweet Wifey that we ought to move there. I am met with shrugged shoulders and rolled eyes. Frankly we don't want to live any further north than Tennessee.

When I think of North Dakota, I think of a flat, treeless, frozen wasteland with blizzards and subzero winters. The fact of the matter is that North Dakota is BOOMING. The state's unemployment rate has not been above 5 percent since 1987. Its per capita income rose over the last decade from 38th to 17th. The population is swelling from immigration from other states.

WHY? OIL! Yes, it is due to that EVIL fossil fuel. The Bakken oil deposits are there and until recently we did not have the technology to retrieve the oil. Now through a process called fracking, the oil can be economically obtained.

So while the left is in the "woe is me" mode over coal, oil, and nuclear, and expecting us to survive on windmills and solar panels, North Dakota is BOOMING. Even people with half a brain (I won't name names) should be able to put two and two together.

My friend, Rush Limbaugh, said the other day that it wouldn't be long before the environmentalist wackos would be blaming the japan earthquake and tsunami on fracking. I am waiting for this.

Well sweet wifey and I still have no plans to move to Fortuna, but if I were a young guy looking for work and a future, I might have to put on my snow boots and insulated underwear and head north.

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  1. Brrrrr! Too cold for me. We would have to spend all our time snuggling under the covers.