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Monday, March 14, 2011

Boycott Gasoline? REALLY?

Well everyone is running around on Facebook talking about boycotting gasoline on March 14.......hey! Today is March 14!

Like most of the BS that I see on Facebook, this is just another bunch of crap, yet people just latch onto this nonsense in droves thinking it is going to make a difference. If you can take a break from posting dumb videos and LOLing for no apparent reason or describing the size of your morning bowel movement, go HERE to read some facts.

Hey! I'm mad about gas prices too but you have to face the facts. It's not that way because of all those EVIL oil companies. It is purely a question of supply and demand. Right now we have a supply problem mainly because of all the fear and unrest going on in the middle east.

Of course the real blame rests on the shoulders of our glorious federal gubment. I am not speaking of the current dictator in charge, rather administrations going back over the past 40 or 50 years who rather than just tell environmentalist wackos to go to hell and drill for our own oil have chosen just to kick the can down the road and make us more and more dependent on OPEC.

So rather than participating in this stupid boycott today, instead write letters to the president, your congressman, and your senators, telling how fed up you are with the fact that we are dependent on people that hate us for our energy. Tell them we need to DRILL! DRILL! DRILL!

Remember, more supply means LOWER prices for all.

Screw the boycott. Sweet Wifey and I are going out to a movie and dinner.

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