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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Donald Trump

Well I will have to admit that I have enjoyed watching Donald Trump over the last few weeks. First of all he has given legitimacy to all of us birthers. All he wants to see is Obama's long form birth certificate like many of the rest of us. Now I read today that Trump speculates that Obama is a Muslim and it says so on his birth certificate. Trump postulates there is something on that mysterious document that the president doesn't want us to see. What could it be? Or could it be there is no document at all?

Sweet Wifey just shakes her head at the thought of Donald Trump being president. I'm not so sure. He has one big thing going for him right now and that is name recognition. I betcha even the ignorant Jersey Shore and Bachelor watchers know who Donald Trump is. He's a little "out there" I'll admit, but the man is no fool and you gotta admit he'd do a helluva lot better job than the boob in the chair right now, but that's not saying a lot. There's a lot of time between now and November 2012. I think Donald Trump is going to give us a lot of laughs and eye rolling moments between now and then and perhaps even a little truth and insight.


  1. One thing about Trump, it matters not to him what the Left says about him, he does not get his feelings hurt. Rag on him and he just gets louder.

    I think he is right about the birth certificate.

    Right Truth

  2. Debbie, Do you still think Donald's right about the birth certificate?

    Donald's a self-serving wanker. He's the consumate egoist. And he, and you, were wrong about the President.

    Do you take your crow with salt and pepper?