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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Final Thought on Donald Trump

I just had a final thought today about Donald Trump. Go read my earlier post if you missed it.

Just imagine that it is January 20, 2013. Donald Trump has been elected president. After his inauguration, he goes to a variety of places, the State Department, the Department of Energy, the FCC, the Department of Education, the EPA, and many other gubment agencies.

In no uncertain terms he says, "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Now wouldn't that be just too cool?


  1. You're dumb.

    "Antics" -- a word you use to describe your behavior -- is right. Antics, as in childish antics.

    You were a dumb kid, and you still are.


    Oh, wait, sorry, I forgot -- you're a conservative nutcase, which means intelligence is a vice.

    So, it's not news to you that you have a low IQ. Because to you, dumbness -- it's just too cool.

    You are a true conservative.

  2. Trump is a racist bigot, he laid his soul bare , so to speak, he has made it known that issues that are pointless and moot and been verified by his own party who checks the qualifications to become a candidate to run for any political office .... ugggh where does this racist pile of shit get off on making racist comments about the president not being a first class american because hes not white... thats what this whole fkg thing is about. it speaks to their own kind with this nonsensical irrational non business non economy non issue talk. moreover Trump lost his credibility as having any commonsense to deal with the issues letting his better side get in his way to think as a normal person would with any intelligence. hes Fired

  3. http://conservativecorporatism.blogspot.com/2011/04/donald-trump-places-all-odd-against-his.html?showComment=1303916223819#c4077362306793039330

  4. Thanks Hvac-pro. You grammar, sentence structure, and use of punctuation tells me you are an intelligent and thoughtful individual.

    Unfortunately, nothing you have said or presented convinces me that any of Trump's actions are based on the race of the president.

    Better stop wringing your hands and try again. Oh, and go take a course on writing and the English language before you come back.