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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The First GOOD Black President

There is no doubt about it that Hussein Obama, the first black president in history, is probably one of the worst if not the worst to hold that high office. He's right up there with Jimmy Carter. The difference is that Carter was bad primarily because of stupidity. Obama is bad INTENTIONALLY because of his radical ideology. What a shame and an embarrassment for his race and all the people that voted for him simply because he was black.

There is some real potential on the Republican side to right a great wrong. There is potential for the Republican party to produce the first GOOD black president. I am speaking of Herman Cain and Allen West. I have been spending a lot of time reading about and listening to what both of these fellows have to say and I like what I am hearing. You can tell they are both staunch conservatives, they love freedom, small government, and the believe in the greatness of America. Allen West has not indicated to my knowledge that he is interested in running but Cain is definitely testing the waters. Of course it will be tragic to watch either of them demonized by the left and their own race should they decide to run, but you know it will happen.

Any time I hear either one of them speak about America I feel a little surge of hope for the future and I actually feel the hair on the back my neck stand up. I'd like to see them on the ticket TOGETHER! Now wouldn't that be historical? Good for them and good for America!

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