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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Survived Chernobyl

Yes, way back in 1986 the reactor in Chernobyl, Ukraine blew it's top, spewing radioactivity for many miles, killing about 50 people and turning Chernobyl into a ghost town.

The deal in Japan today although quite serious is apparently much less so than that of Chernobyl, although you wouldn't necessarily know that by listening to the drive-by media.

I read that the surgeon general, Regina M. Benjamin MD. is going around recommending we all take potassium iodide pills to protect our thyroid from all that deadly radiation that is on the way. My friends, yet another CRISIS is upon us. I remember the swine flu NON-EPIDEMIC that was recently foisted upon us. I remember the media frenzy. I remember people running around in panic over a virus that was not as virulent as the seasonal flu. I remember all the panic when shortages of the vaccine occurred. It seems that all this panic was fueled mainly by our glorious federal gubment and the state run media. What I do not remember were the thousands dead from the swine flu.

I suppose there will be some kind of a run and a shortage on potassium iodide pills now. The seeds of panic have been planted. Back in 1986 I don't remember anyone suggesting I take iodide. Yet it seems I came through the Chernobyl disaster just fine. I survived!

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