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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Martian Dictators of Long Ago

Brilliance should always be praised and rewarded. Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, has declared that because of capitalism, Mars today is lifeless. He posits that perhaps life once existed on Mars and that capitalism arose in the Martian civilization and ultimately destroyed the planet!

Yes folks, I'm not making this up. Of course Hugo ignores the fact that so far, no evidence of life, certainly not a civilization, has been found by any of our robots, but I guess that does not matter.

I guess in Hugo's mind, there were happy, green, Martian dictators enslaving and abusing their little green subjects. One day, freedom broke out, and capitalism arose. The little green dictators were deposed and the whole planet went to hell. Hmmmm.....wonder if they had GREEN energy on Mars?

Too bad they do not have an IGNORANT BOOB OF THE YEAR award.

Speaking of ignorant boobs, dig the picture below.


  1. I do believe that dear Hugo has been smoking the wacky weed too much.

    It is common knowledge that the Daleks destroyed the Martians.

  2. Were the Daleks capitalists?

  3. Nope, Militarists. Big difference.