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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Might as Well Start in the Toilet

If we're ever going to repeal liberal BS I guess we might as well start in the toilet. Evidently this is the way KY. Senator Rand Paul feels as well. Paul told Department of Energy assistant secretary on energy efficiency, Kathleen Hogan, that the gubment needed to get it's nose out of our toilets. Specifically what he said was this:

“Light bulbs, refrigerators, toilets, you name it. You can’t go around your house without being told what to buy,” Paul said. “You restrict my purchases. You don’t care about my choices. You don’t care about the consumer.
“Frankly, my toilets don’t work in my house, and I blame you and people like you who want to tell me what I can install in my house,” Paul said. He added, “I find it insulting.
“I’m all for energy conservation but I wish you’d come here to extol me, to cajole me, to encourage,” he said. “But you come instead with fines [and] threats of jail.”

He put another INTERESTING twist on the conversation with this:

 “The point is that most members of your administration probably would be frank and characterize themselves — and upfront — as being pro-choice for abortion,” he said, “but you’re really anti-choice on every other consumer item.”
Hmmmm, I never quite thought about it that way. The left is only pro-choice when it comes to killing babies. Other than that THEY want to decide everything else for you. You're really too stupid to make your own decisions, you know.

I kinda like what I'm hearing from Rand Paul.


  1. He's got a point, but even then they are not really in favor or choice so much as they are in favor of abortion.

    Right Truth

  2. I purposely rigged the toilet in our downstairs master bathroom to flush twice in one flush and I've never had it clog ever since!