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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Moochers Return to the Trough

 This from Neal Boortz:

We all know what happened to the home heating oil assistance program here in the U.S. It was supposed to be a short-term solution to the oil crisis decades ago. It is still with us today as another massive government entitlement program, now redistributing wealth to 9 million people moochers.  Well now advocates for the poor, poor, pitiful poor are back to the government trough, asking their great Community Organizer to release over $100 million in emergency money to help the poor, poor pitiful poor pay for their heating bills after a particularly harsh winter.
Can I get an over-under estimate on the numbers of these people waiting anxiously for their heating hand-outs have smart phones and flat-screen TVs?  I am just so sick to damn death of these entitlement whores, these moochers who believe that the money that you worked for somehow belongs to them. Just for kicks, let me remind you of what it means to be "poor" in America, according to our Census Bureau

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