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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Third War in 10 Years

Here are some rather disturbing headlines on DRUDGE:

Germans pull forces out of NATO; Libyan coalition falls apart...
Allies in disarray...
DER SPIEGEL: Coalition of the Unwilling...
OBAMA: No ground troops, no matter what happens...
Redefines 'exit strategy'...
French PM: 'We are not at war'...
Costs, mission unclear...
Also backing the rebels -- al Qaeda...

I've been sitting back watching this mess in Libya develop. I have not commented and have not quite been sure exactly what to think about it. I have finally decided the following:

1. We should not be there. Libya presented no direct threat to us and let's face it boys and girls, the country is full of a bunch of Muslims and they ALL hate us and would rather we were dead. Why are we fighting for the rebels? I don't get it. I heard several so called conservatives yesterday stating that the United States should show leadership and should be in the forefront when rooting out tyranny worldwide. These same people however will not admit that Islam is the REAL enemy.

2. When Obama said, "Gadddafi must go," he should have launched a strike that very moment and been prepared to take Gaddafi out once and for all, and yes, been prepared to send in ground forces. It was stupid to sit back and expect France or Britain to take the lead on this and now it appears the "coalition" may be falling apart. So I guess we will end up having fired a bunch of our multimillion dollar missiles, accomplished nothing, and end up looking weak and waffling........SIGH. Ok, I wish Ronald Reagan had finished the job in 1986. I wish that Bush 41 had taken out Saddam Hussein in 1991. I have a feeling things might be a lot better for us now, but alas that is indeed water under the bridge.

3. It's all about oil. Of course it's all about oil. It does not matter whether we import a drop of oil from Libya or not. This unrest in Libya and indeed the entire middle east is driving up our oil prices. 40 years ago if we had drilled and drilled and drilled some more and not become dependent on middle eastern oil, we could wash our hands of the whole place and allow all those fine Muslims to wallow in their 6th century customs and beliefs and just get the hell outta Dodge. It's not too late. If today we made it known that we were starting an all out drilling effort in ANWR. the Bakken fields, and the gulf, Saudi oil prices would plummet. They would suddenly become our friendly friends with cheap oil for all. The Saudis are not fools. They know we will continue to bend to the will of the left wing environmental wackos.

4. Make Afghanistan a glowing parking lot and get out. The gubment is corrupt and once again, they are MUSLIMS. They all hate us. We should not sacrifice one more American life or another dime on that hellhole.

5. As far as Iraq, I would be willing to give that one a little more time before making it glow. At least the seem to have some form of a gubment and organization. Once again, we have to remember who the natives are. Again I am not real hopeful that much of anything good is going to come out of Iraq.

So now you know how I really feel! Any questions?

1 comment:

  1. No questions. I feel the same way on Libya. If we were going to do anything, we should have taken Gaddafi out immediately and then come home, let those left sort things out. Trying to export American style democracy is a lost cause.

    Right Truth