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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tax Your Driving? What's Next?

If I hear of one more politician suggesting another tax to "fix" the financial woes we are in, I think I might just end up going postal.

Now senator Kent Conrad DIMOCRAT North Dakota wants to tax your driving. Yeah! He wants to install "technology" in your vehicle that will allow the gubment to keep and eye on you, determine how far you drive, and tax you accordingly.

A report from the Congressional Budget Office, requested by Conrad:

...discussed the proposal in great detail, including the development of technology that would allow total vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to be tracked, reported and taxed, as well as the pros and cons of mandating the installation of this technology in all vehicles.

Oh doncha just love the part about MANDATING the installation of these gadgets in all vehicles? How much are these gadgets going to cost, and who is going to pay for them? Well, hell, we are of course! Go HERE to read all about this convoluted mess. If you missed it, go read my post about a constitutional amendment on mandates. Such an amendment would shoot down such lunkheaded proposals by senator Conrad.

Senator Conrad, why not just cut out a lot of the bullshit that you are spending OUR money on now instead of thinking of another tax. Let's do away with the NEA, the FCC, the EPA, and the Department of Energy for starters. When will you people ever learn that new taxes are not going to get us out of the financial mess that you and your cronies have caused? Senator, we have a SPENDING problem, a SPENDING problem!

Tax our driving my ass! What an intrusion on our personal freedom this would be!


  1. Do those on public assistance get a subsidy? You know, so I can have the privilege of paying for my own miles driven plus another person's, like I already do housing, food, and health care, among other things.

    Talk about an incentive not to work. Tax me for the gas to put in the car to get there, tax me some more for the mileage, tax me when I buy the car in the first place then every year to register it... What's the point? I'd be further ahead sitting home in front of the idiot box, suckling at the public teat. Well, until everyone else does the same then NO ONE gets any free money since there there are no wage earners from whom to practice thieving ways.

  2. They would probably have a multitiered system like the income tax. The top 50 percent would pay most of the tax where the bottom 50 percent would pay none at all. That's only fair, ain't it?