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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Woe is Me! I'm Disabled!

Sweet wifey just posted a story on DISABILITY. Well, I am here to tell you that I do not think much of disability. In my profession I see a whole bunch of people running around claiming they are disabled. Most of them appear to be healthier than either the nurse or I. Now I will concede that there are a FEW people in such a bad way that they are truly disabled and I do not mind providing help for these people. Unfortunately for the most part, this disability thing has deteriorated into another giant scam.

Wifey defines disability as: "a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity." That's pretty broad, doncha think? Suppose I was a professional skydiver and I broke my leg or some other appendage and was no longer able to skydive. Would I be disabled under the above definition? YES! Would I be able to sit on my ass for the rest of my life and let someone else subsidize my existence? UNDER THE CURRENT DEFINITION, PROBABLY YES! 

Of course in the real world, even though I could not skydive, there would be plenty of other things I could do to make money and support myself. But the problem is one of ATTITUDE and ENTITLEMENT and so off I go to some doctor who will attest to my disability and if I do the right song and dance, I'll end up on the gubment dole for the rest of my life or at least until the gubment runs out of money.

I saw a guy once in his late 20's who claimed he had hurt his leg roofing a house. I also noticed that he had a Medicare card. You know me, I just had to ask. Well he told me he was disabled because he was "too nervous to work". Yet he was roofing a house. Last time I checked, roofing a house is pretty hard work. So this "disabled" dude was scamming the system, collecting "free" healthcare from the gubment and still working on the side. This same dude has been known to scam narcotic prescriptions out of doctors also. He later sells the narcotics to supplement his income........SWEET!

I am of the opinion that despite whatever maladies you may suffer from, there is something out there you can do to make money (legally) and make your way through life. Many of the so called disabled don't seem to see it that way.

Another fun activity is to visit the friendly Walmart parking lot and watch the disabled people with those blue stickers and special license plates, hopping out of their new Lincoln Continentals and Escalades, gleefully turning cartwheels, smoking cigarettes, and talking on their I-phones as they head for the entrance. As I get out of my truck, I stand there for a moment, massaging my sore back, and stretching my arthritic knees before I hobble half way across the parking lot. I have been tempted to see if I can get a handicapped sticker for my motorcycle! Wouldn't that be a trip?

Of course the gubment has intervened by forcing private bidnesses to install wheelchair ramps, parking spots, special doors, toilet stalls etc......naturally all at the expense of the bidness. Now I have no problem with a bidness doing this, but the gubment should not be dictating compliance.

When I was a real doctor and had an office and everything, I used to have people coming in all the time wanting "handicapped" stickers. Again many of these complainers seemed to be getting around a lot better than the nurse or I. I generally would not accommodate them unless they had a valid problem. One guy told me he was disabled because he had diabetes. I told him I had it too and I was doing just fine. He did not seem to appreciate my observation very much.

Another thing I used to do was DISABILITY DETERMINATION PHYSICALS. Most of these were an exercise in deception, but the gubment did pay me pretty well to do them so I could not complain. You would not believe some of the outrageous and concocted stories I have heard during these encounters. My favorite was when a 40 year old man came in and told me, "Doc, I am disabled due to the fact I am BROKE!" Sometimes it takes every bit of willpower I have to contain myself, but at least the guy was honest. Too bad he had not considered the possibility of finding a job as a solution.

And then there is the SCOOTER STORE, ah yes, the SCOOTER STORE! If you qualify, they will send you a FREE scooter. No cost to you! RIGHT! As you might guess, I do not think much of scooters. I'm thinking that if these people riding around Walmart in scooters would get up off their ass and walk, it might be good therapy and they might be better off for their efforts. Back in 1997 I broke my left hip in an accident. During my recovery, as I was on crutches, I visited Walmart and was almost tackled and hogtied by employees trying to get me to use one of their scooters. I thanked them but refused indicating that a couple of laps around the store on crutches would do my hip a lot of good.......and it did! Unfortunately the Walmart employees are all looking at me going, "Poor baby! Woe is he! Woe is he!" It is how we have been programmed folks, and the federal gubment and liberals are to blame for most of it.

I used to have a ham radio friend who had a spinal cord injury. He was a quadriplegic. He did not sit around saying "Woe is me, I'm disabled." Instead he designed computer webpages and made a living doing it. He would control the mouse and the cursor with his mouth. He is now passed on but when I see people squalling because they "can't do this" or "can't do that" I just shake my head and think of my departed friend. My momma used to say that, "Can't never did anything." My momma was right.

In life we all must play the hand we are dealt. It is my feeling that no matter what your lot in life, there is always something you can do to take care of yourself. You just have to find it. Yes it may be a lot harder on some than on others, but life is unfair. That's just the way it is.

So if you come to see me one day and tell me you are disabled, don't be offended if I don't pat you on the head and say, "Poor baby!"


  1. A couple of comments:

    One, the scooters are not "free" as we know nothing is free. Medicare or insurance pays the company for them, which means you and all taxpayers pay for them.

    Two, many who use those scooters at places like Wal-Mart think they are special. I almost got ran over twice the last time I bought groceries by men driving those things at full speed up and down the isles, turning complete 360 degree circles in the isles, etc. They were perfectly healthy, got up and walked out of the store with no problem.


    Right Truth

  2. Drives me insane, what qualifies for "disability" payments anymore. My stepdaughters' mother filed for deafness and got it (even though she's not really DEAF and quite functional with hearing aids) with a "backup" diagnosis of bipolar disorder. She actually went off on me several years ago for not filing myself with my MS. Way I see it, as long as I can work, I will. I *MUST* work, to stay sharp mentally, to keep from sliding into depression, and, most importantly for her, to continue to pay taxes so she can collect her FREE MONEY, food stamps, and health care.

    It makes me sick, knowing an able-bodied person is sitting at home waiting for the checks to come in when I walk into Wal-Mart and see a man with no legs and deformed arms whizzing back and forth from register to register in his wheelchair, earning an honest living.

    Why is it the people who one would think might truly need it seem to be the last ones collecting it?

  3. Angie Lee, the lengths the scammers will go to is distressing. It's all about attitude. Seems that people now days have no problem letting someone else subsidize their existence. For me it fies in the face of everything I was taught.

  4. Hello friends I think that sometimes you should not be a disability to set aside people also deserves a chance

  5. If you are truely an ER doctor. I have a few questions for you. I am not sure if or how disabled I am right now. I fell off my truck about 14 months ago and I was walking around with what I thought was a pulled muscle for 4 months. I had recently lost my medical coverage bcause I started my own delivrty company and left my previous employer. I finally had a feiend drive me to the emergency room when It got to the point that I could no longer get up out of the chair. I had a massive Pulmonary Embolism in my right leg and two massive Saddle Embolisms in my lungs.

    I felt so bad about sucking the system that I walked around with a condition that almost killed me. I have quite a bit of damage in my leg due to this. I haven't been able to kneel down for 14 months, I have to walk slower, I have leg cramps, and I take 1-3 Norcos a day to deal with the pain. I never popped pills before I got hurt. Some days I am pain free and do not take the pills, while other days it hurts a lot just to move around.

    I am currently supporting myself by keeping a driver in my truck. He generates enough revenue to pay the truck expenses, company expenses, and my living expenses. But this is only a temporaty solution to my problem. One doctor told me to give up driving, one doctor claims I'm perfectl fine even though I can barely get up an down stairs and I have to maneuver 5 different steps just to get in and out of my truck, and the Hematologist says that the pain in my leg will be permanent.

    Well as you know you really can't drive while you are on Narchotics. I can because I own the company and do not have regular drug testing, but if I get into an accident I'm done. I used to be able to drive from Los Angeles to Detriot in 46 hours. I don't have that kind of stamina anymore. I don't even have the same energy levels that I used to have just chatting on the internet and dispatching from home. Do you think I am trying to game the system.

    The only options I have now is to buy more trucks and run a fleet to survive. I can do this with a small business loan at the end of this year once I can establish a consistent income for my corporation. But what happens if I can't do this? Who is going to hire a guy that moves slow and can't bend down. Plus I am on blood thinners and sometimes have to take a Norco or two a day. I mean no one understands true pain. The doctors think you are some type of drug feind when you take pain pills. That's why I limit them to way less than the recommended doses. They don't really make the pain go away, they just make it more tolerable. But once companies know you take pain pills they get pretty nervous.

    I definitly can't do a lot of the stuff that I used to do before this happened to me. I can wash dishes and clean the house for maybe 3 hours at 1/2 the pace that I used to be able to before and then I have to sit down for a while. Is this all in my head or should I drive again and hope not to have another episode of DVT?

    I like you agree that some people can work. I have a very bad anxiety disorder that makes it hard for me to be around crowds of people. But I found a job where I can work alone and make pretty good money. Truck driving was my savior from having to be around a lot of people. But with that being stripped from me what will I do now? I have a very limited education (some college) and no real skills other than being a professional steering wheel holder. I look forward to your response no matther how frank it is!

  6. Please forgive my misspelling of the word narcotic and the couple of typographical errors in my post. I am not lying when I tell you I have to really force myself to focus when I am typing. It might be the mental fuzz that I get from the warfarin. Which my doctor claims that warfarin has no such side effect. If there is any way to correct the 5 or 6 typos can you show me how to do it? Also that is the website to my company but the site is no longer there. My name is real and my email address is contact@oncalllogistics.com. Thanks for your time.