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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Donald Trump - Doing the Job the Mainstream Media and the GOP Establishment Won't Do!

The Donald is at it again. This time he is asking how Hussein Obama ever got into Ivy League schools. The Donald goes on to talk about what a "terrible student" Obama was and makes a challenge for him to "show his records". Yeah, I'd like to see that too. I don't know of any real world accomplishments the messiah has achieved. He claimed to be the editor of the Harvard Law Review and yet we can't seem to find a definite article attributed him. As far as we know, Hussein never held a real job, never ran a business, never hired employees, and never created wealth. No, all we know about him was that he was a "community organizer" (racial rabble-rouser). And yet here he sits in judgement of us all proposing more taxes and regulation on the people in the United States that create jobs. wealth, and prosperity.

Of course the Donald continues to "create awareness" (that's one of my favorite liberal terms) of the possibility that Obama is not a native born American and therefore disqualified to be president. In a USA Today poll, only 38 percent of Americans think Obama was DEFINITELY born in the USA. Hmmmm.....what about the rest of them? These numbers seem to have increased and I attribute the increase to Donald Trump.

Of course the usual suspects (the mainstream media and the GOP reruns) are running around wringing their hands saying Trump is a crackpot, he is hurting GOP candidates, and that he is not a serious candidate. In fact Trump's support seems to grow and number wise he is a top tier candidate right now. I for one like him because he is doing what the media and the GOP have failed to do. TAKE OFF THE GLOVES AND TAKE IT TO OBAMA! PULL NO PUNCHES! This is what the rest of the GOP needs to be doing but I guess they are afraid of being called a racist or afraid of being demonized by the press. This what they should have done in 2008, but when McCain refused to take charge I guess it was pretty hopeless. All the questions about his birth certificate, his educational accomplishments, and his qualifications to be president should have been thoroughly explored then.....THEY WERE NOT!

My friend, Rush Limbaugh, points out that the press is going to demonize the GOP and conservatives in general no matter what they do, so we might as well launch an all out attack on Obama.

I am not saying that Trump is my choice for president. I would certainly vote for him over Obama. There are a few others out there that I really like but whether any of these will float to the top at the right moment remains to be seen.

So for now we are stuck with this apparent socialist DUNCE of a president. I pray he does not get a second term.
Obama at Harvard Law Skool.


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