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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Gubment is Shutting Down! Whatever Will We Do?

A look at how a shutdown would affect Americans

You'd still get your mail — and your usual Social Security payment. But troops' pay might be delayed, and you'd have to put off that spring break trip to a national park.

Here's how government services would or wouldn't be affected if there's a partial shutdown Friday at midnight:

—Benefit payments: Social Security payments would continue, and applications would still be processed. Unemployment benefits would still go out. Medicare would still pay claims for recipients, but payments to doctors and hospitals could be delayed if the shutdown were prolonged.

—Mail: Deliveries as usual (U.S. postal operations are not subsidized by tax dollars).

Go HERE to read the rest.....

I say let that sucker shut down for keeps. Fire all the "nonessential" gubment employees. After all they are nonessential, aren't they? The gubment does nothing but pass stupid laws that erode out freedom and cost us more money we do not have.

Hat tip to - Laura Hopkins Dunbar a Facebook friend.

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  1. That's real smart...they need money but won't be filing paper tax returns. That's where most of the payments are.