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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Helping? Really?

Sweet Wifey and I were watching CSI a little while ago. One of the characters made the comment, "When someone says they are doing something to help somebody else, they are usually doing it to help themselves."

I immediately thought of congress. While John Boehner is busy patting himself on the back for the 38.5 billion dollar "deal" he made with the Dimocrats, I am sitting here thoroughly disgusted. 38.5 billion dollars is pocket change when faced with a multitrillion dollar budget and a 14.5 TRILLION dollar national debt. It is not going to solve a damned thing. I was hoping for at least 100 billion. 300 or 500 billion would have been better.

If my budget here at home was say, $3000 a month and I was in financial trouble, I don't think I would make much headway if I cut $38.50 from my budget plans. Oh wow! Instead of spending $3000 a month, I'm only going to spend $ 2961.50! Wow! I have done so good! How stupid do the politicians think we are?

Next comes the battle over raising the debt ceiling. I expect massive caving once again from the Republicans. They are spending all this money to "help us". Spending it on programs that are wasteful, useless, and DON"T WORK. And no matter how loud the people scream at them, they just can't seem to give it up. The truth is that they don't care a rat's ass about us. They are just looking out for their own political necks. The Republicans had a chance to do something great and once again they COMPROMISED with Dimocrats.

It is time for TERM LIMITS for everybody. The idea of a CAREER POLITICIAN should become a thing of the past. This, after all, is the root of the problem. In my humble opinion a representative should be limited to no more than three 2 year terms, a senator to a SINGLE 6 year term. At the end of it there should be no cushy health care deals or retirement plans for them to enjoy for the rest of their lives. No worries about re-election cause there would not be any damned re-election. This I think would be the best start toward solving our spending problems.

This wimpy compromise last night has, I fear, assured the re-election of Obama. The tea partiers are going to be flaming mad. I am mad as hell. I think the formation of a third party is now more real than it has ever been. This is exactly what the Dimocrats wanted. Once again, the stupid Republicans have played right into their hands.


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  1. If you were Congress and in financial trouble, which they are ...(because they over spend their budget X 3 each month) ... I don't think they will make much headway if they cut 38.5 mil ...

    Right Truth