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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Human Voice is Nice Sometimes

Most of the time I would rather deal with a computer. I'd rather point and click my way around the internet and not be bothered by a person. There are, however, exceptions.

After the big storm we were without telephone and internet service for almost 2 days. I called TDS Telecom, our carrier, and was greeted by an automated voice (with an option for Spanish) that took me down a long convoluted path which finally asked me about my specific problem (no dial tone). Instead of getting to talk to someone about it, I was given a "ticket number" by the computer and was assured that I would receive a call from them on my cellphone within 24 hours.

The line remained silent and 24 hours came and went without a call, so I called again. I finally ended up on a path which, after listening to an extended variety of elevator music,  allowed me to speak with and actual person. She finally told me that a technician had been dispatched to my location and would arrive sometime "today" to rectify the problem.

Finally, late yesterday afternoon the phone and internet came back to life without warning.

I am basically OK with most of this. I realize we had a mighty big storm and a lot of things were in disarray, but it sure would be nice to be able to locate a real person in cases like this just to ask, "what is wrong" and "do you have any idea how long we can expect to be without service?"

I guess computers are cheaper to employ than people.

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