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Monday, April 25, 2011

Oil - The Energy Source of the Future

It is hard to argue with ignorant and gullible people. It is even harder when these people CHOOSE to remain ignorant and gullible. The other day I got in an argument on Facebook with a couple of people about oil. One woman assured me that oil was the "energy source of the past" and started quoting me all the liberal BS talking points about the greedy US consuming 25 percent of the oil while only having 2 percent of the reserves. I have heard this time and again, but I have looked and looked and I can't seem to find where this 2 percent comes from. Indeed, according to some sources, the Bakken field in North Dakota may contain more oil than all of the Saudi reserves. This does not even include reserves we have in ANWR and the gulf. So I'm not buying the 2 percent notion. Nevertheless, this woman insisted that more domestic drilling would not solve our problem of high gasoline prices and that oil was obsolete. Our future was in "alternative" energy sources.

Another gentleman was telling me about his concerns over the gulf oil disaster last year. He just did not think we should be drilling under water for ANY oil. OMG! The planet is at risk! Of course when I pointed out to him that none of this vile oil spill could be located today and that the real damage was caused by Obama's moratorium and the thousands of lost jobs in the gulf he did not have a logical answer. Funny how these crackpot environmental ideas always take front seat over people suffering from lost jobs and lost wages. No, it was just too dangerous to drill for oil in the gulf of Mexico. I pointed out to him that we were giving money to Brazil so they could drill offshore, also that Cuba and China are planning on drilling off OUR shores for oil, but this did not seem to make any difference. Seems everyone except us wants to drill for oil.

It is funny to me how people like this start talking about "GREEN" and "ALTERNATIVE" sources of energy. They mentioned hydrogen, solar, biofuels, and wind. And you would think COMMON SENSE would eventually take over after a while. However, when I ask them to explain to me how these green alternatives are going to be able to power our thousands of trucks down the interstates or how these alternatives are going to be able to power jet aircraft across the oceans, they don't seem to have an answer. In its present state of technology, green alternative energy IS NOT the solution to our energy needs today. These alternatives simply do not work.

So that brings us back to oil. We have it, but we need to develop the wherewithal to go after it. It will take getting rid of Barack Obama and telling the environmentalist wackos to go to hell. Indeed if we started drilling for our own oil now, that alone would not make an immediate impact, but if we could convince the Saudis that we were dead set on becoming energy independent, they would dramatically increase production and the current oil price would drop like a stone. The Saudis are just sitting back laughing at us all the way to the bank as they manipulate production and jack up our gas prices. If they suddenly realized they were going to be left out in the cold, I think their attitudes might rapidly change. A secondary effect of energy independence would be our ability to tell the Arabs to "get lost". We could extract ourselves from all the wars in which we find ourselves engaged and bring our men and women home for good. Screw the middle east! Face the facts! The only reason we are there now is because of oil. It is always about oil, no, the politicians may not admit it, but it is always about oil.

By the way, you may not realize it but there are a lot of other non-energy products that are dependent on oil. Here are just a few:

Okay, now explain to me how we're going to substitute wind and solar and all that other nonsense to make the products in the above list. Don't just sit there fuming and wringing your hands. Tell me how it is going to happen.

One day, I have no doubt, another energy source will be found that is plentiful, reliable, and hopefully cheap, and hopefully will meet our same needs that oil meets for us today. So far that energy source has not been found and I do not see evidence of it anywhere on the horizon. When it does one day appear on the horizon, I'll be the first one to jump on board. Until that day, the COMMON SENSE thing to do is to go after the energy source we have now, the source that works and fulfills our energy needs, and that is oil. Oh and let's not forget coal and nuclear. I'm all for that as well.

In the meantime, let us not forget to get rid of Hussein Obama and his liberal buddies at the first opportunity, and remember, in the height of the storm, in the dark of night, always let COMMON SENSE rule!

Now quit whining and wringing your hands and tell me how you're going to fly a jet plane on sunbeams and gusts of wind.


  1. It's always do as they say, not as they do. Michelle and Barack won't give up their gas guzzlers, neither will Congress. You can't argue with the kool-aid drinkers.

    Right Truth

  2. Consider this scenario: The world is running out of oil. What if we can't find an alternate energy source quickly enough to fulfill our needs (not even wants)? Progress and civilization will stop and we will go back to the middle ages...for ever. Fear-mongering? Yeah, maybe, but that and high oil prices is what it seems to take to make the world realize that oil is a finite resource, and we need to develop sustainable energy resources.

  3. Nazar, I could not agree more that we should be looking for "sustainable energy resources", but as I said that has not happened to far. We have not found answers with wind, solar, or biofuels. It makes no sense just to throw away a reliable resource we have now which it seems the liberal left would like us to do.

    I remember way back in the 70's when people were screaming, "we're running out of oil!"

    Okay, Nazar, tell me, when are we going to run out? 10 years? 50 years? 1000 years? I'd really like to know.

  4. I think you missed the point of my argument Grouch. I was saying that the only way we will seek sustainable energy is if our current methods-oil/fossil fuels are causing us wallet pain. And we have made great progress since the 70s, by the way, when all our cars were gas guzzlers. I also support nuclear energy, but so far it seems there is no one answer, which is why high oil prices are a good thing for us in the long run (full disclosure: I ride a motorcycle on a daily basis, so I don't care in the short run either!).

    When will oil run out? I don't know. A better question is when will we hit peak oil, that is when will our demand for oil outpace maximum production, even if we start tapping into all known reserves? Most experts have that at 2030. In fact, crude oil has already peaked in 2006, according to the Internatinal Energy Agency.

  5. The problem is Nazar, I am not sure how well our fragile economy will hold up under this "pocket pain". I rode my 2 wheeler to work this morning. 45 mpg, yea!

  6. current administration has ok'd more drilling permits than the oil man, done more to start alternatives, which had been totally ignored under war mongering president, you are correct, cant argue with ignorance, selfishness and stupidity.