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Friday, April 15, 2011

Pink Ribbons will not Help

I was awake at 4:30 this morning, at the hospital, working miracles, saving lives. I had finished up a case and was looking at the weather radar before going back to crawl under my rock and try for a little shuteye.

One of the friendly nurses approached me and handed me a pink ribbon. "What is this for?" I asked. I was told it was to "increase awareness" about the abduction of Holly Bobo. Unless you've been living in a cave, you've probably heard about the alleged abduction of this 20 year old girl who lives just a few miles away from Mr. and Mrs. Grouch.

I smiled and politely declined. "I don't do ribbons," I declared.

The nurse seemed shocked and puzzled. I explained that I was about as aware of Holly Bobo as I was going to get and wearing a ribbon was not going to make me or anyone else any more aware.

I went on to explain that wearing ribbons, posting bulletin after bulletin on Facebook, posting and reposting the news in your Facebook status, or changing your profile picture to a pink ribbon was simply a waste of time and was not going to do a damned thing to enhance the chances of finding Holly Bobo.

And yet that is about ALL I have seen on Facebook for the past couple of days. This seems to be a major pastime on Facebook. I see requests for people to repost in their status to "increase awareness", if they know someone who has had cancer, if they loved their dead mother, if they are against child abuse........the list of causes goes on and on. The fact of the matter is that this stuff is just a waste of time. The only thing it ultimately accomplishes is to make the person doing it "FEEL BETTER". Symbolism over substance and this is why I do not participate.

Am I sad and concerned that Holly Bobo is missing? Of course! Do I hope she is found safely? Absolutely! Am I concerned this happened so close to home? For sure! This is why I carry a gun every day and everywhere I go. So does sweet Wifey.

Wearing a pink ribbon is not going to make me feel a bit better or make me more aware. If people need to be aware of anything they need to be aware that there are a lot of evil lunatics out there. They need to be aware that carrying a gun is their constitutional right. They need to be aware of their surroundings and they need to THINK AHEAD and avoid putting themselves in positions that increase their risk.

As for Holly Bobo, I hope she is found, safe and sound. Sadly in life bad things often happen to good people and we frequently never know the reason why. The sun shines and the rain falls on the righteous and the evil alike.

There is just something about this idea of engaging in useless tasks just so one can FEEL BETTER that bugs me. I have to think this activity is something over time that has been perpetrated by the liberal left. It is easy to do stuff to make yourself feel better about a tragic situation. It is a lot harder to actually get up off your butt and do something definitive and productive to change a bad situation. It is very easy to confiscate money from hard working Americans and give it away to someone else. Liberals FEEL SO MUCH BETTER as long as they are giving away someone else's money. I have heard my friend Rush Limbaugh say on many occasions that being a liberal is the easiest thing in the world. He's right. Relying on yourself and REALLY making a difference.....that's hard.

It wouldn't surprise me that if before long they started dispatching GRIEF COUNSELORS to our area to HELP the local residents FEEL BETTER. Sorry folks, but I just don't have much use for grief counselors. In fact when I was a kid and a young person I don't ever remember hearing of such a thing. Indeed this appears to be an invention of our modern times as we relinquish more of our self control and self esteem to someone else (often the government) just so we can FEEL BETTER.

In my life good things have happened to me as well as bad. I have lost 2 parents, other loved ones and friends. Never did I need a grief counselor. Never did I feel the need to wear a pink ribbon or accept a government handout. No, instead I GOT OVER IT, threw my ass over my shoulder, and moved forward with my life. I choose not to dwell on the bad rather to plan for a better future.

So if you want to wear a pink ribbon and change your Facebook picture or post and repost the same old thing on your status just so you'll feel better, go right ahead. I won't be joining you.

Driving home from town a little while ago I noticed pink ribbons on cars, churches, the hospital, telephone poles, and a school bus. What is sad is that many of the people posting these ribbons really think they are making a difference.......SIGH!


  1. I noticed some wearing t-shirts with the pink ribbon and Holly's name. I'm assuming the profits from the sales will go toward the reward money being offered for information on her. Last I heard the amount was $25,000.

    The cops are questioning her past boyfriends, one has not responded and they don't know where he is, according to the rumor mill.

    Also I heard that the cops stopped a guy with camouflage in his trunk. Around here that might be 75% of the men who hunt, fish, and are members or former members of the military.

    I saw the pink ribbons also. The ribbon company thanks everyone, their sales are up.

    Our prayers go out to the family and we pray for Holly's safe return.

    Right Truth

  2. I'm not going to go all narrow minded offended, or point and wag my finger in your face. But I am compelled to comment. I respect your opinion. Also I am sure you are aware a majority of people do not share/understand the point you are trying to make. Some people wouldn't have the capacity to view it from that angle. I am neutral on the matter. However, I would like to say that, even though, yes, you are right, it won't bring her back, etc, I look at it (ribbons, attention, etc.) as a sign of respect in a way, a collected effort of thoughts and hope (coming from the people who don't treat it as a sick show/spectacle,following the majority when, in fact they have no ties to the matter or any legit interest. Some idolizing a very tragic, heinous situation. Their only interest is to feel important and closely connected to her story). It's been proven that thoughts are and actual form of energy we emit, and to collectively display a symbol of hope generates some postivity in a grim situation. A way to oppose your helpless position in the grand scheme of things. (which I am sure some would interpret that as, like you said, a way to make themselves feel better). A form of positivty increases the chances to eventually accept it and sucessfully move on. It's a learning process and any ability to produce any kind of positive stance is a good foundation when coping with a bad event. And for the ones who truly mean well I don't think the original intention for the pink ribbons were designed as a coping mechanism (which now it is becoming that), to some it is way to cling to a positive sign, a form of hope and perseverance even when it seems all is lost. I do admire a person who is aware that more than likely a situation will turn out bad, and still doesn't give up on hope, while not losing a grasp on the reality of it. I think it's a true test of character. The energy we put out can have a great effect on our surroundings, positively or negatively, regardless if one utilizes the ribbons for a selfish ploy to draw attention to themselves, or we look at it as a symbol of hope. It's a sign of unity in the matter. Positive signs of hope can not do any harm, people simply don't know how to react.
    I believe when people are confronted with the horror of something they have never witnessed, it can be a lot to soak in, the scrambling to form thoughts and opinions on a situation that leaves them feeling helpless and somewhat bewildered. Facebook is a place they can state over and over 90 different things in an effort to make it seem more real and sympathetic to her situation. In time people will become desensitized and life will eventually go back to the same old mundane ramblings about random stupid crap.
    What one sees 'usless tasks', may not in the end find her, but it is beneficial. People around here haven't ever really seen something like this before, therefore they are clueless and helpless. People might feel the need to make themselves feel better because they are scared and helpless, not knowing how to handle such a thing.
    I do think your opinion is a bit harsh. I can understand at times it is frustrating that one can't get a break from such a horrible thing, no matter where you turn. Taking a panoramic view, it shouldn't be difficult to understand why people are having these reactions, and not just criticising them because they don't handle it the way what logically fits for you. I take an open minded, neutral approach I see some degree of justification to the people you find a bit foolish.
    Was just curious to know if you could see a bit of reason to the opposing side, (not meaning you necessarily agree with it) but acknowledge that another's opinion possibly holds substance, or if you strictly believe it's all bull. Either way, your take on it got my attention,haven't heard anyone with that opinion.

  3. Nikki, I am a realist. If Holly was indeed abducted or kidnapped (I am not even convinced that is the case) then the odds after all this time of her being found alive are pretty grim. I think the FBI will back me up on that one.

    The point of my posting really has nothing to do with Holly but is one of SYMBOLISM over SUBSTANCE. I put very little stock in symbolism. This is why I view pink ribbons as useless and foolish. It is why I viewed the wearing of pink shoe by the NFL last year as foolish. Rather than make all those pink shoes why didn't Nike just make a humongous contribution to the cancer society? It would have saved us all from all that namby pamby, touchy feely crap.

    I dunno if you saw Geraldo Rivera's show concerning Holly Bobo, but the thing was turned into pretty much a three ring circus, much like the interviews that we see of people after the big tornado.....sad and useless drivel.

    Now for all the people that went out on foot and on 4 wheelers and scouted the woods for Holly, CONGRATULATIONS, although the effort is likened to performing CPR on someone dragged from a car wreck......the chances of success are zero.

    For everyone that hangs and hands out pink ribbons, fine! If that is your thing, go for it. My only point is AWARENESS of the concept of symbolism over substance.....not my thing.

    As far as criticizing people, well, that is the purpose of my blog. My opinion is MY OPINION. Who's feelings I may hurt is on the bottom of my list of concerns. In fact I intentionally TWEAK people to make the mad, make them THINK, and finally make them realize that GETTING THEIR FEELINGS HURT is not really very important. It is the decisions YOU make and the things YOU do to change a bad situation that is really important.

    Come back and comment more often, Nikki. I love it!