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Thursday, April 28, 2011

WARNING! Your Dogs and Cats will be OFFENDED!

Just when you think you have heard just about the most stupid thing ever, something else comes along. There is a crackpot named professor Andrew Linzey of Oxford who states we should not call our dogs and cats "pets" but rather we should call them "companion animals". We are no longer the owners of these animals but rather "human carers".

Terms such as pets, critters, and beasts are found "insulting to the animals concerned". Yeah, I guess he's right. My beagle, Penny, told me the other day that she was really pissed cause I called her a pet.

Linzey goes on to say that use of these derogatory terms can affect the way they are treated. Once again he must be right. Michael Vick called me up the other day and told me if he had only known that dogs were "companion animals" he would never have engaged in dogfighting and would have indeed treated them much better.

You know folks, I just couldn't make this stuff up. What is so absurd is that Oxford evidently pays this guy real money to sit around and come up with this pure unadulterated crap. If I were king for a day, this lunatic would be escorted out on a rail and told to go get a REAL job. We wonder why our young children (skulls full of mush) grow up to be liberal lunatics? Well with "professors" like this what would you expect?

Click HERE to read all about this.

By the way, I refer to Penny as my "sweet baby girl".


  1. My Maggie aint a sextist/racist. She loves being the center of my attention.

  2. Yeah, Lizzard. Penny doesn't care what you call her as long as she's in the MIDDLE of it.

  3. We don't refer to our cat Kara as our pet. We call her MASTER!