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Monday, May 30, 2011

Basketball Sized Hail?

I am always clowning around talking about basketball sized hail and 500 mph winds, but just look at this hailstone collected in Norman, OK.
Dang! How would you like to have that thing land on your noggin?


  1. I think it would do serious damage no matter WHAT body part it landed on ...ouch! Gives a whole new meaning to 'hail damage' on cars and rooftops, huh...

  2. The power of the earth is awesome, Horse Woman. It really irks me when these liberals run around accusing the rest of us of destroying the planet. To mother earth we are merely a boil on the buttocks of time.

  3. Where I come from we call that freezing a water balloon and peeling off the rubber.

    1. We must have been neighbors, Anon. :)

      Then again... there was some damn big hail in Wylie, TX in spring of 2016

  4. wow does look like a water balloon now that you mention it

  5. That's inside of a school, judging by the lab table top and desk. I'm calling this one fake.