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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dayton Hamvention

One again the GROUCH has arrived at the Dayton Hamvention. I'm looking forward to visiting the hamfest, the air museum, Hooters, the Buckhorn Tavern and all the favorite places. I road my motorcycle up here, 451 miles total. I am pleased to say that my rainsuit performed way beyond my expectations. It rained pretty much from Bowling Green, KY to Cincinnati, OH. My biggest complaint was construction. I have never seen it as bad. On I-71 between Louisville and Cincinnati we were down to one lane and things came down to a screeching halt. There I was out on the interstate either dead stopped or walking the bike in the pouring down rain. I was getting quite tired. Walking 830 pounds will take a lot out of an old body. I encountered the same log jam in Dayton.....I dunno why. But my belongings and I arrived completely dry. My friend, Jim, WB8NNJ treated me to a couple of Rum and Cokes.....just what I needed!
 Rainsuit mobile!
Packed up!

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