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Friday, May 20, 2011

Dayton Update 4 - Don't Eat at Frickers

There is a restaurant (sports bar) here in Dayton called FRICKERS. The gang went in and were treated to the scantily clad staff and as we had done the night before at Texas Roadhouse and the night before that at Hooters we began to socialize and take pictures.
As you can see, the girls were nothing special.
As you can see the girls were offended by our pictures and our witty stories and were having a terrible time.
And as our rather plain Jane waitress prepared to take our order, we were approached by a fat and rather hideous woman (the manager) and THE BOUNCER and were told in no uncertain terms that taking pictures in the restaurant would not be tolerated.

Booger, Tim, and Lizzard payed for their drinks and left IMMEDIATELY. My blood sugar was getting low so I decided to stay. Charles and Bill stayed with me. I finished my food, left a MINIMUM tip, and departed. It would seem that in these hard economic times an establishment would go the extra mile to make their customers happy, especially when it comes to having a little honest fun, but in the case of FRICKERS, this was not the case. We will not be back and I would recommend the rest of you avoid the place. The food pretty much sucked too.

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