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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jon Huntsman - Another RINO Eliminated

Well since Mitch Daniels dropped out of the presidential race, the state controlled media has suddenly been touting another candidate, Jon Huntsman, as top Republican. I have to admit I really knew nothing about this guy, but I had to find out.

My friend, Rush Limbaugh, was talking about Huntsman on his radio program today. It is apparent that Huntsman is for cap and tax trade and from his comments, believes that man made global warming is real. Yes another HOAX believer, and you can bet the money in your pocket book that he will be searching for new and expensive ways to solve the imaginary problem.

He also believes HEALTHCARE IS A RIGHT! Therefore if someone comes to my door demanding healthcare, I cannot refuse them. As Rand Paul said, I would become their slave.

I have heard enough. No wonder the lamestream media likes this guy. He's just another damned RINO. I have eliminated him from the GROUCH vote along with Romney and Gingrich. Nope! No RINO's for the GROUCH this time. McCain was enough for me.

1 comment:

  1. Rather than RINO, it should be SCUM - Secretive Communist Universal Mitigator.