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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Motorcycles and Honeysuckle

This is a nice time of year to ride. As the weather warms you can shed the heavy coats and feel a lot more comfortable, especially at night. Yesterday, sweet Wifey and I put 109 miles on the motorcycle and stopped at a place in Camden, TN. called Thatcher's for a very nice supper (dinner for all you damned yankees). After we ate the sun was sinking low and we took the "route less traveled" on the way home.

Smells were in the air everywhere, especially the aroma of honeysuckle. As the sun laid down on the horizon, the air began to cool and the fresh smell on my face was inspiring. One of the neat things about riding at dusk are sudden differences in air temperature that you encounter while riding. You'll be going along, fairly cool, and then suddenly you'll ride into a pocket of warm air. It is the same sensation as stepping into a warm shower on a chilly day. As soon as you get used to the warm, you'll quickly pass back into the cool air and enjoy the opposite reaction.

All of these sensations, the smell of honeysuckle, along with the hottest biker babe around on the back will make for a very enjoyable day.

By the way, we did it all on about 2 and a half gallons of gas!

1 comment:

  1. It was a nice ride, excellent food and I was with my soul mate.

    I noticed those pockets of warm are, felt good.

    Right Truth