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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Profile in Courage

"I will be fine if I lose my House seat because you know what? I will know I did what I thought was right to save this country from fiscal ruin." - Paul Ryan
Wow, don't we need more like that? The Dimocrats and the state controlled media are just sure that Paul Ryan has stepped in it over his proposal to save Medicare. Here's what Paul Ryan thinks:

Paul Ryan wants to reform Medicare as we know it and instead provide seniors with gubment subsidized private insurance options. Of course the Dimocrats and the left are screeching and screaming. I heard one of them the other day say the Republicans would be throwing old folks out of nursing homes into the streets.

The dirty little secret is that Ryan's plan won't affect anyone over 55. Another dirty little secret is that if nothing is done Medicare will become insolvent.

I see nothing at all wrong with gubment subsidized PRIVATE insurance options for seniors. This should give seniors CHOICE. Choice is something the left does not want us to have. A private option would mean LESS GUBMENT CONTROL over your healthcare and your lives. The left wants to have more gubment control over your lives.

As it was with Obamacare, so it is with Medicare reform. It is not about healthcare. It is about limiting your choice and your freedom. YOU GO, PAUL RYAN!

1 comment:

  1. Yes we do need more like him and we need some like him running for president.

    Right Truth