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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Being a True Conservative Means Never Having to Make Excuses

I have had fun watching the Republican primary lineup begin to take shape. 

I have shrugged watching Mitt Romney try to defend his disastrous Romneycare plan for Massachusetts. 

I smiled as I watched Tim Pawlenty twist in the wind as he disavowed his previous support of cap and trade and man made global warming. I will be waiting to see how Romney tries to wiggle out of his embrace of the hoax.......oh I heard he was endorsed by Algore.......shameful! 

I also almost laughed out loud watching Pawlenty twist and turn over his failure to ram home his term OBOMNEYCARE in front of his opponent. What a spineless pussy! He had a golden opportunity to launch a conservative arrow at Romney and wimped out.

I nearly gagged as Newt Gingrich tap danced around cap and trade and his waffling views on the insurance mandate contained in Obamacare as well as his disgraceful appearances with Pelosi and Clinton.

How many other times can you remember when the so called good guys have had to eat their words or make excuses for some boneheaded something they said or did?

Seems to me that if they just made it a point to always act like conservatives, they would never have to worry about making excuses. Yes, before each speech, each vote, each action just ask, "Is this a CONSERVATIVE position I am taking? Does this protect the Constitution? Does this protect LIFE and LIBERTY? Does this remove shackles from and empower the PRIVATE SECTOR and our JOB CREATORS? Does this keep our country POWERFUL and STRONG? Will this be more money wasted on a project that WON"T WORK?"

It all seems pretty simple to me. If they would put all their actions under the conservative microscope then, well, I just have to think we'd all be better off. Yes, I know sometimes it is difficult. They will be demonized by the media, but they are going to be demonized no matter what they do. They will always be hated by the left and the dependent, entitlement minded crowd. No amount of BIPARTISANSHIP......God I hate that word.....or CROSSING THE AISLE is going to change anything for the better.

So, why not just be tough and act like a conservative? Guaranteed that in your next election you won't have to make excuses.

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