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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dump NEWT!

Evidently the top tier of Newt Gingrich's campaign staff is jumping ship. GOOD! Re-run RINO Newt needs to go down in flames. The scuttlebutt says that the defectors are planning on joining up with Texas governor, Rick Perry as he considers a "serious" run for the White House. This should be fun and interesting. Perry is a guy I could wholeheartedly support. He is down the line conservative on the issues that matter to me. 

He is a fiscal conservative who believes in cutting taxes and job growth. YES! 

He is prolife and opposes gubment funded abortion. YES! 

He is a Christian believer and supports Israel. YES! 

He is a supporter of the death penalty. YES!

He invited Ted Nugent to perform at his inauguration! BWAA HAA HAA!

He does not believe there is scientific evidence to support man made global warming! YES! YES! YES! 

He hinted at the idea of secession from the union! BRAVO! If Texas seceded, I might move there unless Tennessee went with it!

I don't think you'll see Rick Perry sitting down making TV ads with the likes of Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi.

Only thing is that I think he kinda looks like James Brolin.....you know Barbra Streisand's husband? Ugh.....oh well you can't have everything.

I know, it's early. I don't yet know who my candidate will be. There are many twists and turns in the road ahead, but if Perry jumps in the race he will add a much welcomed conservative spark to the field. It seems that in the next primary I may actually have a candidate I can support with a smile on my face rather than having to settle for the lesser of two evils.

I hope Gingrich is cursing and stewing in his juices!


  1. As a Texan and born and bred Republican, I like Perry for governor of this fair state ...but not so sure about President of the country. My only beef with Perry is his toll roads. The idea was SOLD to the voters the first time as 'the people that USE it will pay for it' (tolls) but they never seem to get paid for. There is a lot of profit built into the tolls they collect, way over and above the operation and maintenance costs. So much profit that foreign investors eagerly pursue holdings in them. I believe China...or is it France ...owns a good portion of the ones being built now. That just ain't right. I have a problem with anyone other than Americans OWNING our public infrastructure. But then I'm one of those hard headed Republican types.

    What is your opinion of Herman Cain? The only thing that hurts him as far as I can see is his lack of actual experience as a politician. But then ...that might be a breath of fresh air!

  2. Horse woman, I like Herman Cain very much. Yes he lacks experience in politics but perhaps that is a good thing. He is obviously very smart and business minded and right now that is exactly what we need. He believes in the Fair Tax which I support. In the experience areas where he falls short I have no doubt he has the energy and intelligence to learn what he needs to know. I would happily support Herman Cain.

    Concerning Rick Perry, you're a lot closer to him than I and I am sure you have had ample opportunity to uncover what you perceive as his flaws. No politician will be perfect. On the plus side I believe he is basically a TRUE conservative. So is Herman Cain. It is men and women like this that we vitally need to replace the socialist, job killing idiot in the Whitehouse now.

  3. I would support Perry if it ended up being a race between him and any Democrat candidate for sure. I agree that he's about as true conservative as any politician I can think of in today's arena ...that's not really an easy thing to be in Austin. For the capitol of a very conservative state, Austin is surprisingly liberal. But I appreciate you sharing your opinion of Cain. I would support HIM over any Democrat as well. I just did not know he existed before a few months ago and always think I must be missing something when a newcomer looks that good.