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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm Doomed

Well I guess I'm doomed. I gave up on those nasty cigarettes in 1986. Now they're telling me that SITTING is bad for my health. It's always something. No matter what you do, it's gonna be bad for you, especially if you find it enjoyable.

I wonder if sitting for long periods of time on a motorcycle is harmful? Wonder if I could get a million or so in a gubment grant to do a study on it?


  1. Actually, YOU COULD probably get a grant to study the effects of long periods astride a bike!
    Back in 1984, I had a friend who was an auditor in charge of Govt. grants. I found that I, who am NOT an entomologist, could get $175000.00 to study Dirt Dobbers. I wanted to research why some dobbers built single dwelling homes, some built projects in a line and some built hi-rise apartment houses.
    Alas, I deferred and moved to Tennessee to make my fortune!
    BUT, don't say it if ya don't wanna do it, Uncle Sam may fund it!

  2. Lizzard, I have no doubt that you and I could think of tons of useless to waste money on.