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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Penelope Knows What She Wants!

Sweet beagle pooch, Penelope, is definitely a daytime person. For as long as we have had her, when the sun goes down, the lights go out. She is ready to sack out for the night. Last night she came in, got a treat or two, got a little love, and then charged up the stairs to the bedroom. She was ready to go lay down.

In a couple of minutes I heard this ungodly screeching coming from upstairs.

"What in the world is she screeching about?" I asked sweet Wifey.

"Oh, she just wants me to come up and turn on the air conditioner," she replied.

Sure enough, she went up and turned on the AC and Penny shut up. We turn off the upper unit in the daytime and it does get hot up there. Wifey explained that Penny will tell you exactly what she wants. It is up to us to figure it out. Now tell me these creatures are not brilliant!


  1. She is brilliant. She not only wants the AC on, she wants the ceiling fan on too.

    Right Truth

  2. And beagles are gifted in the vocal chord department ...they KNOW how to use them! I used to work at a kennel that boarded a certain beagle names Brazos on a fairly regular basis. Brazos figured out that if he used his toenails to lift the grate on the gutter that ran the length of the aisle, he could point his snout down at the gutter and 'talk over' the rest of the boarders. He had invented his own personal PA system! LOL