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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Watching and Waiting

I told sweet Wifey the other day that I was thinking about sending Herman Cain some money. Then I decided to hold off and see if Rick Perry is going to declare soon. I saw someone on Facebook while ago saying that Cain was weak on the second amendment. I really could not find much about his stance on this other than he thought gun issues should be left up to the states. Right now I could support Cain or Bachmann, maybe Santorum in a pinch. I'm not really crazy about the rest of the field. I WILL NOT vote for Gingrich or Romney. If either one of them is the choice, I won't vote.

Wifey is hoping for Palin. I'd be ok with her but she's not my favorite. I am anxious. I am so hoping to see a true solid conservative move to the fore. I guess I'll wait a bit longer before I send anyone any money.


  1. I don't understand why Michele Bachmann isn't higher in the polls, she would be my favorite out of this group so far.

    Right Truth

  2. It's very early so far Sweetie. Things may improve for her as time rolls on, especially as the RINO's in the field continue to make fools of themselves.