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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Weiner Problem

Personally I don't care about Anthony Weiner sending pictures of his junk over the internet. I could care less if he has "internet sex". I knew he was a douche-bag a long time ago so I was not surprised when this happened.

I listened to the panel on Bret Baier's show yesterday on Fox News. Talking about Weiner's resignation it was posited that he would not go quietly. The panelist remarked that his job as congressman was EVERYTHING to him and without this job he was nothing.

I told sweet Wifey that this typified the problem in Warshington DC. No member of the House, the Senate, or the executive branch should view their job as EVERYTHING. From this way of thinking, corrupt, career politicians are bread bred. These people will do anything to keep their jobs, lie, cheat, steal, spend someone else's money to grab a vote......the list goes on.

When a Warshington job becomes EVERYTHING, it is time for that person to go. We so need term limits for these people.


  1. "....bread". You said it without meaning to, they are in for the bread/money. Term limits are a must.

    Right Truth