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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't That Just Beat All?

The day after the United States is scheduled to run out of money, August 2 (yeah, right), our dear leader Hussein Obama has a gala birthday bash/fundraiser scheduled for himself to the tune of $35,800 for couples.

What an opportunity to meet face to face with the incompetent Boob in Chief!

Now don't that just beat all?


  1. Don't declared candidates get to keep most or all of the funds they raise? It will hurt his ego (baffle him, really) WHEN he's defeated in 2012, but he's making darn sure it won't hurt his bottom line.

    A friend sent me a picture of a yard sign that said 'You voted Obama in to prove you weren't racist. Now you need to vote him out to prove you're not an IDIOT!'

    Wish I could find that email!

  2. Saw on Drudge where the generic Repub beats Obammer by 8%. Hope that holds, HossBoss.

  3. I heard Michelle Bachman has a respectable lead over Romney in recent polls. I like her ...I've said so to a few people and gotten 'she hasn't got a prayer' responses. But that was over a month ago. I'm thinking maybe she does.

    Just as Obama has been great for gun sales, he will be our greatest asset in defeating him in 2012 too. That's MY hope for change...