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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Headed Over the Cliff

This morning at work, a colleague of mine (another doctor) passed by and said, "You Tea Party types are going to take us over a cliff."

ME: "How is that?"

HIM: "Well you don't want to raise the debt ceiling do you?"

ME: "No I don't. Not one red cent. 14.3 trillion of debt is enough. It is time to stop spending. If we continue this course, WE WILL GO OVER A CLIFF. We are OUT OF MONEY."

HIM: "Well, I'm just frustrated that the politicians will not COMPROMISE to find a solution."

ME: "Compromise? There needs to be no more compromise. It is compromise and abandonment of conservative principles that has gotten us into this mess. I have decided that the only way the government is going to quit spending is to run out of money. No the debt ceiling does not need to be raised. They need to spend within their means, and service the remaining debt with the money they have and not a penny more."

I also let him know that this notion of "default" and "doom and gloom" was not nearly so dire as the left and the lame stream media would have us believe.

He shook his head and had a few more comments on who he thought might win the 2012 election and then he left. It is amazing to me that he really does not seem to comprehend the enormous mess that we are in. He does not understand that we are out of money. He does not understand that we are on borrowed time. He does not understand that the problem is SPENDING and inconceivable debt!

He would not handle his own finances in such a manner and yet it seems he thinks reckless spending and borrowing is just fine for the US. government.

COMPROMISE, oh how I hate that word.

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