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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'll Have a Little Ethylene Glycol in my Smoothie!

Here's another just PRECIOUS story about a 78 year old geezer who survived after being poisoned by his 33 year old "roommate". The woman laced the old boy's peach smoothie with antifreeze. Evidently this woman told authorities she tried to poison him cause he was "being mean to her children".

Just for fun, here's a picture of the old girl:
WOW! Put on a happy face!


  1. What's a 33 year old doing with a 78 year old anyway? Sugar daddy not so sweet???

    She's upset because he lived, and because she got caught. If they are in Florida, maybe the jury will set her free.

    Right Truth

  2. She is not the most attractive women I have seen in a mug shot.

  3. She looks kind of MEAN herself. If she would intentionally poison another human being, she's not to be trusted with children. What if THEY make her mad? I think 'being mean to her children' was an excuse ...she was after his money. I hope they bring her a peach smoothie every morning she's in jail ...no lunch, no supper unless she drinks her smoothie. It wouldn't be laced with anything, but SHE would never be sure. Maybe I'm just evil and vindictive...

  4. Why did she bother with poison? That face would destroy a thousand ships.