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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm Glad It's Over

We have suffered for weeks now watching and listening to the Casey Anthony murder trial. In fact the whole thing has pretty much turned me against watching Fox News. Day after day we have been treated to so called "EXPERTS" which are no more than screeching, has-been lawyers giving us the blow by blow report.

Why was this a national story in the first place? There are murders all the time. These are local and state issues. I spent the 4th of July at home. It would have been great if Fox had had a couple of specials honoring our country and our troops, but no........Casey Anthony.

Now what is really funny is that all the pundits thought she was toast. It was simply a matter of execution or life in prison. Then she was acquitted! BWAA HAA HAA! Yesterday I heard some new pundits on Fox saying how they "knew all along" the prosecution did not have enough evidence to convict her. Yeah, right! Why did we not hear from those people before the verdict?

Now for the past couple of days I have seen this thing on Facebook about turning your porch light on for Caylee Anthony. Turning your porch light on? Now what the hell good is that gonna do other than waste electricity? It sure as hell is not gonna bring the little kid back. Oh, forgive me, how insensitive could I be? Turning the porch light on is gonna make everybody FEEL BETTER. It's that all important symbolism over substance, doncha see? It's what Oprah would do!

I saw some other ramblings on Facebook stating that the verdict was an "outrage". More pundits on TV were saying our legal system was "broken". Another pundit called the jury a bunch of "BOOBS". REALLY? As sweet Wifey and I were discussing, the defense attorney only has to inject reasonable doubt into the mind of one juror. This lawyer managed to get all 12 to agree.

I have no problem with the verdict. I don't find it outrageous. On the contrary, Casey Anthony was acquitted after a fair trial in the method prescribed by law. Do I think Casey Anthony is a lying scumbag? Yes! Do I think she's a sorry excuse for a human being? Yes! Did she kill her child? PROBABLY!

Many guilty people have been acquitted by our courts. Many more guilty will go free in the future. Thank God the state must convince 12 people of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You'd feel the same way if your life hung in the balance, especially if you were innocent.

And so life goes on.......FINALLY. I heard that Casey Anthony stands to make a fortune from her story. I also heard that she plans to get on with her life and have another baby. Oh, now that's just GREAT! Only in America!

Oh, in case you wondered, my porch light is OFF.

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