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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Sorry! So Sorry!

Well, Republican presidential candidate, Tim Pawlenty, is in the apology mode after declaring that rival presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has "sex appeal". WHY is he apologizing? Good grief! Bachmann is a nice looking woman! He was telling the truth! Why apologize for telling the truth?

Oh, excuse the hell out of me! I suppose someone got offended! At least I guess one of his staffers told him that. We would not want anyone to be offended.

Had it been me I would have said, "I stand by my remark. Congresswoman Bachmann is an attractive woman. If someone is offended by my remark, well, then, might I suggest you have way too much time on your hands? I shall not apologize for telling the truth."

Now explain to me why he could not have said that?

Good Lord, would you rather vote for someone who looked like THIS?
I have been trying to be fair and listen to Pawlenty. I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but we have to face facts, folks. He's just a spineless, limp wristed, wishy washy, finger in the wind, RINO. This is not the type of personality we need fighting against those on the left who want to destroy this country. Let us not forget he was for man-made global warming and cap and trade before he was against it! I am erasing Pawlenty from my list of ALLOWED Republican candidates. If he is the one in November 2012, I'm voting 3rd party, SORRY.

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