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Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Great Driving Skills in Decatur County

Friday I rode into town to take care of a couple of errands. As I was starting to head back home, I was slowly tooling down one of the city streets. The street was 3 lanes with a "turn only lane" in the middle.

A white pickup truck in front of me is weaving, speeding up and slowing down, and then suddenly without warning or signalling, comes to a complete stop. Yeah, he's just sitting there. In a few seconds, his left turn signal comes on and he weaves over into the center turn lane. Before I can downshift the motorcycle and ride on by, he abruptly, without warning and without signalling, swings back to the right directly in front of me.

He proceeds to poke and weave, speed up and slow down, and finally comes to a dead stop once again. Finally I honk at this fool. His left turn signal comes on again and he weaves back into the center lane. This time, slowly and painfully, he finally turns left.

I don't think he ever saw me or even bothered to look.

Relieved to finally be shed of this idiot, I headed out of town. I was next rolling at highway speed down state route 100 passing Beech Bend Park. This is a narrow, 2 lane stretch of elevated roadway, with double yellow lines. There are deep ditches on either side of the road and absolutely no place to go but straight ahead.

Up ahead I notice another white pickup truck, dead stopped in the opposing lane. He had his flashers on with a couple of cars nervously waiting behind him. I noticed one of the cars momentarily ignore the double yellow lines and half way veer over into my lane. I guess he finally bothered to look, saw me, and veered back. So this numbskull sitting stopped in traffic was managing to create a hazard for me. I slowed almost to a crawl, not knowing  what the truck was going to do nor the cars behind him.

When I had almost reached the truck, he turned off his flashers and suddenly drove away NORMALLY! It finally dawned on me that he had been TALKING TO SOMEONE on the side of the road. The really stupid thing about all this was that he was sitting right at the entrance of the park. If he needed to stop, he could have pulled into the park entrance instead of stopping dead in the roadway.

Now I know there are inept drivers everywhere, but I have to ask, "How far up their asses can these people possibly stick their heads?"

I was exceedingly glad to finally turn into my driveway.


  1. The idiot stopped right in traffic could have been worse. He/She could have been driving and talking at the same time. An accident waiting to happen.

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