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Thursday, July 14, 2011

OOPS! Got Yer Feelings Hurt Again Huh?

So Lady Gaga is now performing in wheelchairs? The NERVE of that woman! I am OUTRAGED! I am just beside myself! I going to lose sleep for several nights over this!.........Uh.....not really. In fact I think the whole thing is funny as hell but wouldn't you know that several disability groups are slamming Lady Gaga? Oh yes! Oh the horror!

Well I generally do not have much use for disability groups. In fact it really pisses me off that the gubment would require me to put a wheelchair ramp and a special parking place in front of my bidness. Hey I got nothing against handicapped people and I am sorry you're handicapped, but hey.....it ain't my fault!

As far as Lady Gaga is concerned....well, hell! It's Lady Gaga! What did you expect? Your fabricated outrage actually worked to her advantage. She no doubt got a bunch more publicity out of this than she otherwise would have.

1 comment:

  1. A Wheelchair ramp and a special parking place in front of someplace must be there for a good reason, friend.