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Thursday, July 7, 2011

PBWI (Puppy Buying While Intoxicated)

Here's an interesting story. A pet store in New York City has banned sales of puppies to customers who are intoxicated. Evidently the place is surrounded by bars and many of the clientele are drunk. The owners tell these people to come back the next day. Hopefully they are sober the next day. I have my doubts.

I find this refreshing in that this establishment has decided to do this. I am a little bit surprised that New York City, where everything is regulated by Nannymeister, Micheal Bloomberg, has not come up with a law prohibiting drunken puppy purchasing, forcing all privately owned pet stores to comply. They probably had just not thought of it yet. Now, we'll see if this prompts the nanny state into action.

The article only mentions puppies. It did not say anything about protections for cats, fish, lizards, birds, etc. Hmmmmm.


  1. I think this is a good idea. Who knows what those drunks have planned for those puppies. Drunks can get mean and dangerous, they might have evil on their minds. There are too many ways a big drunk man can harm a tiny innocent puppy.

    What a cute Beagle picture, reminds me of some at the Kennel where we got Penny

    Right Truth

  2. Yes, my sweet. Being parents to a puppy is serious bidness and requires a clear head and a kind heart. Yes, Beagle puppies are mighty cute.