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Thursday, July 14, 2011


I'm mighty glad I don't live in New York City. Here's a crazy story of the Nanny Bloomberg administration trying to fine some guy $2000 for not watering his bees. According to the beekeeper there is a hive waterer just a few feet from the entrance of the hive. More outrageously there are several fresh water ponds within easy bee flying distance of the hive.

This story alleges that this whole thing is an attempt for cash strapped NYC to collect more revenues.

In any case the city finally reduced the beekeeper's fate to a "warning".

I have a question. Who pays the salary of the bee water inspector? Why do they need a bee water inspector? If they want to save money, would it not make a helluva lot more sense just to fire the bee water inspector and all the rest of these busybodies running around doing these ridiculous things and just leave people the hell alone?

I'm just asking!

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