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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Grouch Assesses Republican Primary Candidates - August Edition

Just in case any of you wondered where I stand, I thought I might give you my opinion of the current list of Republican presidential candidates. I'll update this each and every month until a single Republican is selected. If you think I'm all wet, leave me a comment and try to convince me otherwise:

For my July report, CLICK HERE.

I finally finished watching all of the Republican debate from last Thursday night. I went away with really no big surprises. Ron Paul's isolationist stance is scary. I understand where he is coming from but I don't think it is possible for us to withdraw from the rest of the world. For now I will leave him in category 2 but just barely. This is too bad cause I really like a whole lot of the other stuff he has to say.

I am leaving Rick Santorum in category 2. He is a good conservative, but, damn, he's so whiny! There he went complaining about his lack of air time in the debate. I do not like whiners and drama queens.

Rick Perry has just announced. I have added him to category 1. I really like Perry. I'm waiting for someone to convince me otherwise.


Herman Cain
Michele Bachmann
Rick Perry


Rick Santorum (stop whining, Rick)
Ron Paul (he may need psych meds) (barely hanging on to CAT 2)


Mitt Romney (true RINO)
Newt Gingrich (a LIAR and a RINO)
Jon Huntsman (probably should be a Dimocrat)
Gary Johnson (where was he?)
Tim Pawlenty (a truly wimpy thang!)

There are several other minor candidates who I have omitted. If any should float to the top, I will render a judgement upon them.

Just for fun I'm watching Sarah Palin, Allen West, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, and John Bolton as possibles. If any of these later declare, I will certainly give you a grouchified opinion.

The CAT 3 candidates all said a bunch of good sounding things. In fact if you did not know any better, you might think Romney or Gingrich or Huntsman might make great candidates. The problem is that a RINO is a RINO and a LIAR is a LIAR. These people have their fingers in the wind and will say pretty much anything that will get them a vote.

There you go. The GROUCH has spoken. If you don't like my selections, let's hear about it!


  1. I will vote for Bachmann,(would gladly vote for any of the following if they run, Sarah Palin, Allen West, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, and John Bolton) I could vote for Santorum. I won't vote for Ron Paul, he's scary

    Right Truth

  2. Another ER doc, in the MidwestAugust 14, 2011 at 1:00 AM

    Don't know enough about Perry yet, liked his speech today. He certainly "looks" Presidential in the way they say of Romney, but that's incredibly superficial. I want someone who ACTS Presidential and does what is RIGHT for this amazing country of ours.

    I still would vote Palin all the way, or at least whoever is writing the fabulous stuff she has on her Facebook page!! She has had some of the seriously best stuff in there. I'd like to know who she would put in with her, as no one person is an Administration, but sets the tone for it. (Palin gets Bolton for Sec-of-State, something like that!).

    Paul is pathologically insane re: foreign policy, to say some of what he did about Iran. Scary. His problems, though, run much deeper than that and I would trust him with nothing.

    Herman Cain is a wonderful guy, would like to see him in an Admin. doing something with biz and money and taxes...he'd be amazing for that, but he's too unstudied on foreign policy, a huge part of what a Prez should be doing.

    I'd much rather have Palin than Bachmann. Why? Personal preference, exec experience, a host of reasons. In spite of all the bad press and hate and horrible things Palin has gone through...or maybe BECAUSE she has...I feel she can overcome it, but I might be a dreamer...I think Bachmann will be as polarizing and...there is something I just don't feel as good about with her...eh, ok, not very good reasons, but it's my opinion.

    Oh, I happen to agree with all other picks and statements. I like Santorum, think he's a good guy, but don't see it happening.

    Love your and your wife's blogs.

  3. My Category 1 would only be two candidates, same as the top two on yours ...Cain and Bachman. I think Bachman has a slightly better chance of being elected than Cain only because Cain has no political experience. But I like them both. To me, Bachman is everything Palin is but with a better resume and a LOT more polish. The only thing the liberal press has been able to pin on her is the fact she suffers from migraines. Are you kidding me? That's the best they can come up with? As debilitating as migraines can be, they have apparently not hindered her thus far ...she has lead an outstanding career in politics up to this point.

    Perry would be in Category 2 for me, the only name in Category 2. He is known in these parts as the GLG or GHG (good looking governor or good hair governor). He gives a good speech, he stands on his principles and the majority of his principles are in line with my own. But he is, in my opinion, overly fond of toll roads and has no qualms about letting foreign countries own and operate them. I have no problem with foreign countries owning and operating BUSINESSES here, but it sticks in my craw to have supposedly public infrastructure owned and operated by them. I can't get more specific than that, it just doesn't seem RIGHT. But I would vote for Perry if he is the choice we have.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Palin in the next administration, but I don't think she is presidential caliber at this time ...maybe not even vp caliber. But if she is given the opportunity to prove herself in a high profile position in the next administration, it would give her the polish I think she lacks right now and make her a viable candidate in 2016.

    I will say the same for Allen West. I think he is polished enough now and certainly has a following, but he hasn't committed and I think COMMITMENT is something people need to see right now. If he were to accept a high profile position under any of my Category 2 or 3 candidates, I think he would prove himself well and would make himself a viable and FORMIDABLE candidate for president in 2016.

  4. ER doc.

    I'd put Palin in Category 1 if she declares. I am not as excited about her as is my wifey. There is just something about her I do not fully trust and this seems to be a tendency to get in bed with RINOs from time to time. She really lost points with me when she backed John McCain in his senate race. Some said she owed him her support. I disagree. Principles are more valuable than owing someone.

    You are correct that Herman Cain's weakest area is foreign policy, but this is simply because of lack of experience. Cain is a smart man and i would trust him to surround himself with the right people until he could get himself up to speed. Good Lord, he could do a much better job right now than Hussein Obama has been doing.


    I believe you have waxed eloquently before about Perry's toll road issue. Being a non-Texan I suppose it does not bother me nearly as much. There is something about Perry, his views, his demeanor, his presentation that makes me think he could absolutely mop up the floor with Obama. I really don't want to see Obama beaten. I want to see him thoroughly destroyed and I have a feeling Perry is the guy that can do it.

    If any of my category 1 candidates become the Republican nominee, I hope they will attack Obama continuously and from every angle in much the same way that Donald Trump attacked him. Obama needs to be completely exposed for exactly what he is, a communist, incompetent, unqualified, and indeed illegitimate (Kenyan) boob.

    Now you know how I really feel.