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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Yes indeedy! 39 years ago today the buzzards laid my egg on a rotten stump and I was hatched by the warmth of the sun. I am another year older and deeper in debt.

Well, not really. My mortgage is $0. My bank loans are $0. My credit card debt is whatever I have charged this month but at the end of the month it will be $0. My cars are paid for. My motorcycle is paid for. My boats are mine. In fact I don't owe anyone anything!

Oh wait......I forgot.......My portion of the national debt is like $46,000 dollars. Hmmmm.....my sweet Wifey's share is that too. Oh my, my daughter and grandson owe that as well as do each and every one of you Americans, hard working or not, reading this.

And it just got a couple of trillion bigger, and the Republicans in the House are cheering.

I just have to wonder why the gubment can't seem to handle its finances as I do mine.

Sweet Wifey is fixing to take me out to a movie and dinner for my 39th BD so I don't have time right now to tell you how disgusted I am with the United States Gubment. I shall wax eloquently after I return.

Peace and prosperity to one and all.


  1. Happy Birthday ...Ya'll enjoy your evening!

  2. Hoppy Birfday, ye ol Gouch! And it is sincere!