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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ignorance and Stupidity is a Choice

I was listening to a woman ramble on over the reality TV show, Big Brother. I have never watched this nonsense and will not but it has something to do with people living together in a house and the object of the game is to avoid eviction. Sounds exciting doesn't it?

Anyway, this woman was all hot and bothered over something that happened on the show. I asked her why she was wasting her time watching that nonsense and if she had bothered to watch the Republican presidential debate.

She let me know that there was no need to watch stuff like the debate. She also let me know that all politicians were the same….BAD……and nothing she would see or hear would change her mind. Just in case you were wondering, this woman voted for Hussein Obama in 2008. I did not ask her if she could name any of the Republican contenders. I just did not get that far but I can guess at the results.

Now you have to ask, upon what did she base her decision to vote for Obama? We have already seen that she refuses to educate herself about candidates. Most likely she caught some glimpses of the "hope and change" thing on the network news and that was all she needed to make a choice.

To refuse to educate one's self with the blanket statement "politicians are all the same" is the height of laziness. It is tragic when the fate of our very country is at stake. Indeed, Obama got elected in the first place by a huge number of uninformed votes, too busy laughing out loud over stupid reality shows to find out the truth.

The same day of my encounter with this ignorant woman, I saw some dude on Facebook wishing that an INDEPENDENT candidate would emerge that he could vote for. He just could not make himself choose any of the Republican candidates.

I did not engage this person in conversation but anyone that has ever paid attention would know that an independent candidate separated from either party would never have a snowball's chance of ever winning.

Besides, what exactly is an independent anyway? Amongst Republicans are those we call the "moderates". Republicans who claim to be conservatives but are really moderates are RINOs. I don't think there are really any moderates in the Dimocrat party. All those people are leftists even though most of them will probably not admit it.

So what exactly is a moderate? Where do they stand on the issues? Name for me some of the great moderates in American history. I think to be a true moderate you first have to be a politician. The political moderate goes around with his/her finger up in the air testing the direction of the political winds and will vote accordingly.

Among non-politicians I believe there are actually very few true moderates. Oh I know there are some. I know several people that cannot make up their mind about anything and could not make a firm decision to save their life. These people for the most part are gullible and easily duped (Obama voters). After all, if you don't stand up for something, you're gonna fall for anything.

Most of the people I know who profess to be moderates or independents will actually espouse conservative values when questioned about it. Most believe in hard work and individual accomplishment. Most believe in God and country. Most believe in free speech and the right to keep and bear arms. Most believe in life. Most believe in low taxes and most of them are upset over our huge debt. Indeed, most of these people think pretty much like me.

When you ask them about political affiliation they will frequently identify themselves as "independents". Some even claim to be Dimocrats even though their values are opposed to everything the current Dimocrat party preaches and teaches. I think many of these people find it distasteful to identify with either party. I for one identify myself as a conservative, more specifically a Reagan conservative. It just so happens that nobody in the Dimocrat party represents any of my values. Many in the Republican party do not either.

So the next time you find a rock ribber independent, ask them to explain independent values. You'll usually get some interesting answers.

And then there are the blithering dumb-asses who really don't have a clue about anything.

1 comment:

  1. If a handful of key positions are corrupt, the whole damn thing is broken. Voting as it is really may be pointless. The answers are simple, but prying the power back from the grip of corruption is next to impossible, not to mention getting everyone on the same page.

    It's time for the system to be reworked. Republican and democrat don't work anymore, our class system doesn't work anymore (never really did), our education system is fucked (it used to be decent to a degree but was built on a fundamentally flawed base) and our social atmosphere is soured by mass amounts of misinformation and trivial bs from the entertainment industry(I'm talking masses in general here, there are people that are unaffected by this).

    How the fuck do you fix that? It's possible, but not probable. So, until someone get's the ball rolling on some major change, dealing with politics is a waste of fucking time. You'd be better served by going out and volunteering or trying to build up a political party of your own than watching some jack ass republican's and democrat's bureaucratically dance around each others' bushes while the shit that hit the fan is dripping from the ceiling all around us.

    The funny thing about conspiracy theories is that people automatically assume they are bs because they seem too radical, or too obvious, or too complicated. What other kind of scheme is there? So, if that shit was ever actually going down, nobody would give a flyin' fuck. Guess what!? It IS and people don't give a flyin' fuck.

    People lack critical thinking skills, they are told what to do, where to be and how to think. And they go right along with it. That is how tyranny takes hold, that is how people get bent into conformity. We were born with brains, they are meant to be used.

    I'm not actually in contest with your article, it's just that it covers something that is basically irrelevant. No offense. I know you won't reply, because I am invisible or whatever and I'm okay with that.