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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Obscene, that is the way I describe the "debt deal" reached by the congress. According to Dictionary.com, one of the definitions of obscene is, "abominable, disgusting, repulsive". Read on and see if you do not agree. First of all let's stipulate to a couple of realities:

1. If a "debt deal" had not been reached, the country would not have defaulted. This was a lie and a sham perpetrated by the left and evidently agreed to by the Republican establishment.

2. This so called "debt deal" will add over 7 trillion dollars in growth to the gubment over the next 10 years. Sure they are telling us there are about 2.5 trillion in "cuts" but when the growth of the gubment due to base line budgeting is slated to grow by about 10 trillion dollars over the next 10 years........well you do the math.

3. We're out of money and yet this current increase of the debt ceiling, 2.4 trillion dollars, is the largest in history.

Here's what Senator Rand Paul has to say about the whole travesty:

Aug 1, 2011
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today Sen. Rand Paul issued an open letter on the subject of the debt ceiling compromise facing the Senate. Below is that letter.

To paraphrase Senator Jim DeMint: When you're speeding toward the edge of a cliff, you don't set the cruise control. You stop the car. The current deal to raise the debt ceiling doesn't stop us from going over the fiscal cliff. At best, it slows us from going over it at 80 mph to going over it at 60 mph.

This plan never balances. The President called for a "balanced approach." But the American people are calling for a balanced budget.

This deal does nothing to fix the overreaches of both parties over the past few years: Obamacare, TARP, trillion-dollar wars, runaway entitlement spending. They are all cemented into place with this deal, and their legacy will be trillions of dollars in new debt.

The deal that is pending before us now:
  • Adds at least $7 trillion to our debt over the next 10 years. The deal purports to "cut" $2.1 trillion, but the "cut" is from a baseline that adds $10 trillion to the debt. This deal, even if all targets are met and the Super Committee wields its mandate - results in a BEST case scenario of still adding more than $7 trillion more in debt over the next 10 years. That is sickening.
  • Never, ever balances.
  • The Super Committee's mandate is to add $7 trillion in new debt. Let's be clear: $2.1 trillion in reductions off a nearly $10 trillion,10-year debt is still more than $7 trillion in debt. The Super Committee limits the constitutional check of the filibuster by expediting passage of bills with a simple majority. The Super Committee is not precluded from any issue, therefore the filibuster could be rendered moot. In addition, the plan harms the possible passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment. Since the goal is never to balance, having the BBA as a "trigger" ensures that the committee will simply report its $1.2 trillion deficit reduction plan and never move to a BBA vote.
  • It cuts too slowly. Even if you believe cutting $2.1 trillion out of $10 trillion is a good compromise, surely we can start cutting quickly, say $200 billion-$300 billion per year, right? Wrong. This plan so badly backloads the alleged savings that the cuts are simply meaningless. Why do we believe that the goal of $2.5 trillion over 10 years (that's an average of $250 billion per year) will EVER be met if the first two years cuts are $20 billion and $50 billion. There is simply no path in this bill even to the meager savings they are alleging will take place.

Buried in the details of this bill is the automatic debt limit increase proposed a few weeks ago. The second installment of the debt ceiling increase is initiated by the President automatically and can only be stopped by a two-thirds vote of Congress. This shifts the Constitutional check on borrowing from Congress to the President and makes it easier to raise the debt ceiling. Despite claims to the contrary, none of the triggers in this bill include withholding the second limit increase.

Credit rating agencies have clearly stated the type of so-called cuts envisioned in this plan will result in our AAA bond rating being downgraded. Ironically then, the only way to avoid our debt being downgraded and the resulting economic problems that stem from that is for this bill to fail.

This plan does not solve our problem. Not even close. I cannot abide the destruction of our economy, therefore I vigorously oppose this deal and I urge my colleagues and the American people to do the same.

Rand Paul, M.D.
United States Senator

So my friends, in a nutshell we have a "compromise" that:
1. Balances nothing.
2. Adds over 7 trillion dollars to the budget over the next 10 years.
3. Does nothing to fix the spending of Obamacare, trillion dollar wars, TARP, and runaway entitlement programs.
4. Drives us over the cliff to financial Armageddon at 60 mph rather than 80 mph.
5. Gives us the largest increase in history of the debt ceiling with provisions for more.

To add insult to injury, I watched for a while on TV as members of the house withheld votes, waiting to see how other members were going to vote. This was to "allow" certain member to vote NO and still assure the bill would pass. This was all a show and a sham just to make Boehner and the establishment Republicans look good. How disgraceful! They cannot honor the will of the American people. Rather they resort to political shenanigans just so nobody will look bad.

According to a Rasmussen poll, 53% of Americans oppose the debt deal. Only 22% approve, and still they passed the bill.

What is even more distressing to me is that I heard today on TV that a substantial number of House members who identify with the Tea Party caucus VOTED FOR THE BILL! I can't find the exact numbers or the source. What the hell happened? Did last November's elections mean nothing? Was the pressure and arm twisting just too great? Did just 6 short months in Warshington so poison the well that the so called conservatives suddenly slip into the abyss of COMPROMISE and RINOdom rather than vote the will of the people?

The more I think about this, the madder I get. I'm so mad I could chew nails. Anyone that voted for this debt deal should be voted out at the next opportunity, yes, even Paul Ryan, what a shame! What a disappointment!

Michele Bachmann was criticized for saying that we are "like Greece", but she's right. We are on our way over the cliff at a high rate of speed. Seems that "terrorists" like me are the only ones that can see it.

I am sure Obama and his thugs are just sitting back laughing their asses off right now. They have a whole new 2.5 trillion dollars to waste, to give to unions, to pad his slush fund, to spend on "infrastructure projects" that evidently did not get done with the first failed stimulus. Yes indeed, the establishment politicians, Dimocrat and Republican, in the House and Senate are busy slapping each on the backs and laughing their asses off! "We got it done! We reached a BIPARTISAN agreement! We saved the country from default! We screwed those vile Tea Party terrorist types! The hell with the American people! We know best! Here, Mr. President! Welcome to you next 2.5 trillion dollars!"



  1. It's all about more power for Obama and his minions (and those too ignorant of the situation to know better). We're doomed.

    Right Truth

  2. The more stupid stuff this administration shoves down our throats between now and Nov 2012, the better chance we have of taking back the White House ...and our country.