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Friday, September 2, 2011

39 Years

39 years ago today was a big day for the GROUCH. It was the day I married my Sweet Wifey. As Ronald Reagan used to say, "There is no doubt I married up!"

No, there is no doubt. I could not have found someone more beautiful. The first day I met her I told my Momma she was the prettiest girl I ever saw. I still think so today. We are different in many ways but it seems our differences always seem to complement each other and make our whole being complete.

I am lucky and blessed. Many people go through life having never found their soulmate. I found mine.

If you've not read the story of how we came to be, go HERE.

Happy anniversary my Sweetie.


  1. I love you too sweetie, so glad we found each other.

    Right Truth

  2. Congratulations! I've followed Debbie's blog...and now I'll follow yours as well. Keep up the great stuff!

    AKA myfoxmystere (twitter/sodahead) http://mysteresmoonbatslayerclu.blogspot.com. http://myfoxmystere.wordpress.com