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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boundless Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. SPAM!

I really hate spammers. I particularly hate those that use my blog to try and promote their product. Anyway some dude from Pakistan used one of my recent posts to try and promote his product, a closed circuit TV camera. Click HERE for the post.

I implore all my readers, send this guy hate mail, and NEVER consider his product.

You know, if he had asked me to do a post about his product, I would have been OK with that, but don't try to sneak that BS in as a comment without my permission. I'll flame you if you do.

By the way, I have had a couple of people say they are unable to add comments to my posts. One person thought I had him blocked. I assure you this is not the case. I have never blocked anyone or deleted any comments at GROUCH since its creation in February of 2009. There is no comment moderation here. Frankly, you can say anything you want to say here, no matter how stupid or disagreeable your comment might be. I have never gotten in the way of anyone wishing to make a fool of him/her self. The only proviso is that if you post anonymously, I will ignore you. If you desire a response, you'll have to have the stones to say who you are. If you find that you are unable to post comments at GROUCH, you have an issue with BLOGGER, not me.

So there you go. The GROUCH has spoken.

1 comment:

  1. It's spam, all they want is an active link in the comments or in an article. If you leave the link there you generally get other spam from the same IP address. I delete them.

    Right Truth