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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reassessing the Republican Candidates

Well I watched the Republican debates from last Thursday night. I have thoughts. First lets talk about governor Rick Perry. You would think that Perry would have to know his weaknesses and would be prepared for the onslaught of criticism from his opponents. Alas, he seems ill prepared to me. When Romney pummels him on Social Security, Perry is like a worm in hot ashes. I agree with Perry. Social Security is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. There is no place in that great document that mandates the formation of such a program. It is also a PONZI SCHEME! Yes, no doubt about it. I don't know why Perry is so afraid to admit it. Just admit it and explain that nevertheless, Social Security is with us as it has been for over 60 years, the people want to keep it, and it will be his job as president to figure out a way to make the program viable. It is just that simple but Perry can't seem to find the words.

Also disturbing is his policy for granting in state tuition to illegal aliens. Perry accused anyone that disagreed with him on this issue of being heartless. Well, all I can say is that I would rather be heartless and protect the borders of this country than to grant freebies to illegal invaders. As far as I am concerned these people should be afforded no favors, no tuition, no healthcare benefits, no food stamps, no nothing. They need to go back to wherever they came from. If Perry is willing to grant in state tuition, what else is he willing to allow? What would he be willing to allow at the national level?

I can imagine a nightmare scenario of 2 months into a Perry presidency and suddenly he proposes a George Bush like "immigration reform". No, my friends, this is something we do not need. I also told sweet wifey that I have the same feeling about Perry that I had about Fred Thompson in 2008. I am wondering if he really has the fire in his belly, or is his heart not really in it? I see Perry soon to slide in the polls.

It is with regret that I demote Perry from his category 1 status to category 2 (I'll hold my nose and vote for him). Go HERE if you are not familiar with my categories.

Next in the parade of declining candidates is Michele Bachmann. I have already expressed my displeasure with her over her attacks on Perry and the HPV vaccine. Most disturbing is her support of the hoax that the vaccine causes mental retardation. If she wanted to hammer Perry I cannot for the life of me figure why she didn't forget the HPV thing and go after him on illegal immigration. If she will so easily support a hoax, what will be her next hoax? Man made global warming? People that shoot their mouths off before collecting all the facts scare me just a bit. I realize she is a politician and she is desperate.

She continues to slide in the polls. Her message sounds scripted and not very exciting. I am demoting her to category 2. I am very disappointed in this woman.

Let's shift gears for a minute. I did not care much for Rick Santorum at first. Frankly I don't think he has ever gotten over his loss of his senate seat in 2006 and he has spent a lot of time whining and trying to convince us he is electable. It seems though more recently he has chosen to talk about issues. I have to admit that I like what Santorum has to say. His views are conservative. I think he has the experience to lead the country. I really liked watching him make Rick Perry squirm over the immigration issue. He wasn't the least bit whiny or wimpy. I'm going to give him a boost and promote him from category 2 up to category 1.

Honestly I don't think he's got a snowball's chance of being the nominee but you just never know what might happen between now and next fall.

And that, boys and girls, brings us to the man of the hour, Herman Cain. He's been a category 1 candidate for me from the beginning and remains in this position. He's a businessman. He's a conservative. He is brilliant. I love his 9-9-9 plan. He's NOT a politician.

He's been criticized because he knows nothing about foreign policy. Being a non-politician, this is no surprise. I have every confidence that he is smart enough to figure it out and surround himself with the right people to bring him up to speed.

I'm holding fast to Herman. I was delighted to hear that he won the Florida straw poll! YEA! What does this mean? Probably nothing at this point, but it does gain him some sorely needed recognition. I am hopeful that this man will be the next president. I believe he could do great things for this country.

Remaining in category 3 are Newt, Mitt, and Huntsman, liars and RINOS along with the purely libertarian lunatics. If any of these are the candidate, I'll either vote 3rd party or I just won't vote. There will be no RINOs in my future.

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