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Friday, September 9, 2011

September on Mt. NEBO

The Mt. NEBO contest group, NE5BO has invaded the summit of Mt. Nebo in Arkansas for this weekend's ARRL September VHF contest. We arrived yesterday and the view from the top, and the weather is just great. There is no place on earth more beautiful than Mt. Nebo in September. Here are a few pictures and there will be more to come.

Here is the gang at work assembling one of our two towers:

Here are some of the supervisors in charge:

The view from the mountain is spectacular!
I caught a pair of C-130 aircraft passing by at our level.
Rick, WA4NVM risks life and limb.
There is no doubt I can haul more in my old green truck than I can on my motorcycle.
Go HERE to look at the Nebo pictures.

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